Perfect Game WWBA (2018 Grads), Lakepoint GA, June 30 2017

Event Date
Event Location
LakePoint PG Sports Complex, Emerson GA
Event Details

This is the 15th annual 17U WWBA National Championship, which will take place in northwest Atlanta. Past champions of this event include: East Cobb Braves (2003), Houston Kyle Chapman (2004), NorCal/All American Prospects (co-2005), All American Prospects (2006), East Cobb Braves (2007), Diamond Devils (2008), ABD Bulldogs (2009), Diamond Devils (2010), East Cobb Braves (2011), Houston Banditos (2012), Orlando Scorpions (2013), Evoshield Canes 17u (2014), CBA Marucci (2015), FTB Tucci (2016). 

Games: 7 games guaranteed, weather permitting. 

Age Eligibility: 2018 Graduate or younger or born on or after May 01, 1999

Bat Type: Wood Bat Only

Perfect Game LakePoint