Recruiting Lessons: Think Best FIT!

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Recruiting Lessons: Think Best FIT!

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 17:26
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We are very excited to continue our series of interviews with professionals who are (or were) involved in college coaching and recruiting.  Our questions focus on areas that can help players (and parents) learn what is most important in finding the best fit for your college experience.  Thanks to Pat Rigsby for getting this great information for our players!

Pat Rigsby:  Can you share an example of something you have seen at a game (high school or Summer ball) that put a player ON your list who was not previously on your list?

D3 Coach: We are always looking for athletes that can help us win games, but a few things that will help...

in between innings is huge - we may not be able to see an infielder get a ground ball in a game - he should throw game speed to give coaches a better look.

On deck is important - guys that are going through their routine and taking it serious instead of talking to their teammates or people in the stands.


Pat:  Can you share an example of something you have seen at a game that eliminated a player from consideration? This can either be an action by the player OR by a parent.

D3 Coach: The two pet peeves for us are players trying to act "cool" instead of trying to win games, and guys talking to people in the stands while in the dugout.   


Pat:  Same question with social media?  Can you share how you use social media activity to evaluate a player?

D3 Coach: We want to recruit players that we want to spend time with every day.   Social media is an indication of what type of kid we are getting.


Pat: What is the most effective way for players to express their interest in your program and let you know about them? 

D3 Coach: Send a short -  3 or 4 sentence email with a video linked into the email.  Put your best asset first.  Most guys determine in 20 seconds if they will keep watching the video.


Pat: What is your biggest advice for parents role in the recruiting process? 

D3 Coach: Don't make calls or send emails to coaches.  Have the player do it.


Pat:  What do you most want to know from a player's high school or Summer coach?

D3 Coach: What type of teammate he is.


Pat:  What do you think the most important action is for a player to FIND the right college FIT (athletically, socially and academically)? 

D3 Coach: Athletically - find a coaching staff you believe in, that you feel will give you the best experience possible for next 4 years.  You don't quit your job, you quit your boss.  Who you play for will dictate a lot of your happiness over the next few years.

Socially - setting makes a difference, especially with small schools.   Do you want an urban environment, rural, or suburban environment?  Buildings are buildings and won't dictate too much of your happiness.  The setting, things to do on campus, and what type of culture your team has will dictate your happiness.

Academically - the reality is only a small percentage of players are going to play pro ball and even a smaller percentage can do it for a living.  Go to a school that is going to prepare you for the future.  A 40 percent offer to a small school that doesn't offer what you want to do for the next 45 years of your life is not a good decision. 


Pat:  Last, what is your favorite and most rewarding part of your job?

D3 Coach:  Just helping kids become better people and players.