Getting Started in the RIGHT way - 7u Vipers Baseball

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Getting Started in the RIGHT way - 7u Vipers Baseball

Sun, 07/08/2018 - 07:16
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We believe that we have the best coaches in the area. Our goal is to do baseball the right way, developing players' character and skills. Coaching with the kids best interest as the priority will make it MUCH more likely that kids are still playing when they get to the high school level.

This past season, our 7u team had their first taste of competitive baseball, led by a great coaching staff. See our interview below with Will Morgan to learn more about their experience.

Aaron Beard: Share a little about yourself, how long you’ve coached and why you decided to join Vipers Baseball Club as a coach.

Will Morgan:  My name is Will Morgan. I am a 20-year retired Army Veteran. I have taught high school and collegiate business classes for the last 16 years. I have coached baseball at the youth sports level the last 5 years. I have been a coach with the Vipers for 2 years.


Aaron: What is your main focus when teaching our young ball players?

Will: My main focus when teaching young ball players is to ensure that the players are learning the basic fundamentals, while also having fun.

If the learning is fun they will return; if it is fundamental, they will stay safe.


Aaron: How do you decide how far to travel and how many games to play?

Will: Younger players tend to take longer to get jump started after a long trip (2 hours or more). I decided, along my coaches that our team was better suited to play local tournaments (no longer than 1.5 hours away) and when possible to schedule early afternoon games.

Younger players usually hit a wall at about the 30-35 game mark. I try to schedule a season worth of tournaments that will assure my teams at least 30 games, if we advance to a few championship games that could increase to as many as 40 games.


Aaron: Share a few of your team’s success stories from this season.

Will: The 7U team is unique to the organization, because it is the only team that had to be comprised from scratch. The team was built in less than 30 days and competed in 3 tournaments in the fall of 2017, placing 2nd in 2 of them. Each player showed both baseball fundamentals and personal confidence level growth. The winter workouts proved to be a valuable source of team building and also gave me time to work with each player building a SWOT analysis on each player.


Aaron: How has being a part of Vipers Baseball Club helped you as a coach?

Will: Being a Viper Coach has helped my personal growth as a coach, primarily because of the resources. I have access to a great indoor facility, I get to share experiences, tips and strategies with other Viper coaches. The organization conducts quality clinics, led by industry leaders in baseball teaching and they always make the instruction fun, which is paramount for the younger players.


Aaron: Do you have any funny stories about the team you’d like to share?

Will: At a team building event, we had a mixed parents and kids, wiffle ball game. One of the coaches in an effort to make a play from the pitcher’s mound to 1st base, slipped and fell. But instead of a normal fall he rolled a few feet.

At another team building event, we had a game of dodge ball and a couple of players became a little over zealous and the game got a little competitive. One of our assistants was a high school softball pitcher. One player said, “she throws like a girl.”  She quickly took a wind up and shocked the player with the speed! He was trying to get out of the way and because of the force of the throw, he nearly turned a back flip. Everybody got a good laugh, and there was no more talk of “throwing like a girl.”


Aaron: What advice would you give the next group of players and coaches at your team’s age?

Will: My advice to players and coaches thinking about joining this organization at this age level would be to get off the fence and jump right in. It is a combination of fun and hard work. Yes, winning games might seem important initially. However, you quickly find out that developing young players, establishing relationships with parents, winning and maintaining trust, while mentoring is very fulfilling for all involved.

Will Morgan

Vipers 7u (2018 Spring Season)