Recruiting Tips

Welcome to Vipers Baseball Club Recruiting Tips. Below you will find a collection of helpful tips from coaches and players (past and present). You will also find a list of links to external resources. The recruiting process can be quite confusing and has a bit of a "Wild Wild West" feel.  While there is not a clear "one size fits all" answer to the process, we will try to help by sharing what has worked (and what has not worked) for past and current Vipers. These tips & links will cover the following categories:

  1. Create Your Profile
  2. Think Good Fit
  3. BE GOOD!
  4. Market Yourself
  5. Good Character
  6. Understand the Rules
  7. Focus on Academics
  8. Financials

NOTE: In the future, this content may be protected by a password, as it is designed for Vipers family only.